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Colts did not tender running back Boom Herron

The Indianapolis Colts did not extend a tender to running back Boom Herron, making him a free agent.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

So much of the talk today is about the moves the Colts may, will, and should make, but one move that they didn't make was tendering running back Daniel "Boom" Herron, which means that he is officially a free agent.

Herron was a restricted free agent, and the Colts offered another RFA a qualifying offer in Jack Doyle, but Herron didn't receive one.  That means that he is now on the open market, though he likely won't generate much immediate interest until the smoke of the big moves dies down.

It's really not a huge deal that the Colts didn't tender Herron, as they can always bring him back later if they'd like.  But it does suggest that the team may not be sold on him as their backup running back to Frank Gore, as if there was any real desire to keep him around the team would have tendered him.  Instead, they simply let him hit free agency.  Again, the Colts could sign him at a later date, but right now it would seem to indicate that the team may move on from him and look for another running back option.

Many have thought that the team could and should look to add a younger running back this year, perhaps in the draft, to play and develop behind Gore, and this move could seem to confirm that the team might be looking to do so.  Currently, only Tyler Varga and Trey Williams are on the team's roster besides for Frank Gore at the running back position.  It will be interesting to see what happens, but the Colts deciding not to tender Boom Herron could signify the team moving on from the backup running back.