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Sounds like Colts will be wearing Color Rush uniforms in 2016

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No, this isn't an April Fools' Day joke.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Last year on April Fools' Day, the Indianapolis Colts unveiled fake "whiteout" uniforms that they alleged they'd be wearing in the 2015 season, though it couldn't have happened since they were in violation of the league's uniform policy.

This year on April Fools' Day, we also have uniform talk for you, though this one isn't actually a joke.  If you remember back to last season, on Thursday Night Football some teams elected to wear "Color Rush" jerseys.  This year, it seems that every team playing on a Thursday will indeed wear the "Color Rush" jerseys.  This is according to Lions president Rod Wood, who spilled the beans in a Q&A with season ticket holders recently.

"All teams that play on Thursday this year will wear a Color Rush uniform," Wood said, according to the Detroit Free Press.  "The roll out of the Color Rush uniforms for all teams will occur when they announce the schedule and when we know whether we're playing a Thursday night game or we're playing just Thanksgiving.  I'm hoping we have another Thursday night game in addition to Thanksgiving.  And we will wear a uniform that I can't describe yet because the NFL won't allow me to.  It will be all one color and we'll wear it on Thursday night."

The Colts have played on Thursday Night Football for nine seasons in a row, and that's not expected to change for the 2016 season.  Typically, the Colts play a division rival in the game, but it doesn't have to work out that way if the NFL doesn't want to have that matchup.  Either way, though, the Colts are very likely to play on Thursday once again this season, and if they do, it sounds like they'll be wearing an alternate uniform.  The Colts don't typically wear alternate uniforms, so this is noteworthy.  It sounds like we won't see the design of the uniform for a while - at least not until the schedule is announced and we know for sure that the Colts will have a Thursday night game - but it's worth noting right now too.

Since it sounds like the Colts will be wearing a "Color Rush" uniform in 2016 as long as they play a Thursday game, what do you expect the uniform to look like?