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Colts vs. Packers Hall of Fame game ranked as top preseason matchup

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In a ranking of the best preseason games (yeah...), ranks the Colts vs. Packers Hall of Fame game at the top of the list.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Preseason football is often boring and meaningless.  Starters typically don't play much and the action is relegated to backups who are trying to make the roster, meaning that the games usually aren't all too interesting or well-played.

Ranking preseason games, then, is even more meaningless and pointless, but that's something that's Dan Hanzus recently undertook.  The list of the top eight preseason matchups could be good for the casual viewer who doesn't want to watch much preseason action, helping them to know which games to tune in to.  On Hanzus' list, the Hall of Fame game between the Indianapolis Colts and the Green Bay Packers checks in at number one as the top preseason game to watch.

The annual kickoff game comes a week before the official preseason schedule commences. Played at quaint Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium, the game has charm, even if you shouldn't expect to see more than a possession from the starters. That said, this is a golden opportunity to witness Andrew Luck taking live snaps with his kidney fully intact. Bonus points: Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden should call the game for ESPN.

The Colts will play five preseason games this year as a result of playing in the Hall of Fame game, and it should be as interesting of a matchup as there could be for the Colts in the preseason.  The game will be played in Canton, Ohio and will be an opportunity for many of the Hall of Famers in the Class of 2016.  Former Packers quarterback Brett Favre and former Colts head coach Tony Dungy and wide receiver Marvin Harrison are being enshrined on Saturday, August 6, and on August 7 the Packers and Colts will face off.

It's unclear whether any of the notable players will take part in the game, as it's entirely possible (and perhaps likely) that Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck, and others will sit out.  Regardless, it will be the first opportunity to watch NFL football in months and will be our first look at the 2016 version of the Colts.  Whether or not it turns out to be the most interesting preseason game, however, remains to be seen.