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Colts could be able to get first round talent with their second round pick

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The MMQB's Peter King had some interesting comments from talent evaluators this morning about the lack of a talent gap in this year's NFL Draft, meaning the Colts may be able to get first round talent with their second round pick.

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In today's version of the Monday Morning Quarterback, the MMQB's Peter King mentions several interesting draft tidbits that he's hearing from executives and personnel from around the league.  One particular note has interest to Colts fans, as King cites several people as saying the talent gap isn't too large.

"[Pick number] Twenty-five to 55 is the same player, to me," one talent evaluator told King.  "Eleven to 40 is the same guy," another said.  "To us, 18 to 48 you can get the same player," added another.  "Load me up with twos and threes in this draft," said another evaluator.  "That's where I'd want a lot of picks."  Added former executive and current analyst Gil Brandt, "It's the kind of draft where the 50th player on some team's board will be the 17th player on another team, and the 17th player on the first team could be the 50th on that other team."

Why is this significant to the Colts?  Here's why: the Colts pick 18th overall in the first round, but they also will pick 48th overall in the second round.  These talent evaluators seem to think that the talent gap between the team's mid-first round pick and their mid-second round pick is incredibly thin, meaning the Colts could very well get first-round talent in the second round.

For a team with only six picks in this year's draft and with several needs to fill after a quiet free agency period, that's good news for the Colts.  Of course, it still means they must hit their picks, but it also means that there will be talented players for the team to choose from once their second round pick rolls around.  Furthermore, as Brandt notes, the talent gap is so close that some teams might be able to get a player ranked high on their draft board later in the draft because there's not really a consensus on prospects between teams.  For the Colts, then, it's possible that a player they really like and have higher on their draft board could fall to number 48, in which case they'd be able to grab him.

This year will mark just the second time since 2002 that the Colts are picking in the top 20 overall in the draft, meaning they should have the opportunity to get a good player in the first round.  Considering the fact that they have just six picks overall and a lot of needs, however, the team's other picks will be very important as well, and the good news is that there is likely to be some pretty good talent around when the Colts are on the clock on day two.