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Should the Colts pursue 49ers right tackle Anthony Davis in a trade?

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The MMQB's Peter King reports that the 49ers want to trade right tackle Anthony Davis, so should the Colts be interested?

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Last year, San Francisco 49ers right tackle Anthony Davis abruptly and surprisingly retired from the NFL.  After sitting out the 2015 season, however, Davis seems to want to play again.  It was initially reported, and Davis then confirmed on twitter that he plans to apply for reinstatement at some point later this year.

Davis also added on twitter that dealing with 49ers general manager Trent Baalke was "giving me a headache," which could seem to suggest that he doesn't want to play for the 49ers next year.  And according to the MMQB's Peter King, it sounds like the 49ers may not want Davis either.  King reported this morning that executives in the NFL told him that the 49ers are looking to trade Anthony Davis and former Colts safety Antoine Bethea.

The Colts would be incredibly unlikely to make a move for Bethea, but what about Davis?  Back when he was playing in 2014 and before, he was one of the better right tackles in the NFL.  In five seasons since being a first round draft pick in 2010, Davis started 71 games for San Francisco (out of the team's 80 game) and he played at a high level while doing so.  He is just 26 years old as well, and so despite having taken a year off of football, he's still young and was a productive player.

So should the Colts go after him?  After all, most mock drafts seem to think that the Colts have a massive need at right tackle, and so I'd expect nothing less from those analysts but to also suggest that the Colts should target Anthony Davis in a trade (just kidding, because then some "analysts" wouldn't know what to do with the Colts in subsequent mock drafts if the trade happened).  It's unclear what the 49ers are wanting in return, but it surely can't be a ton for a player who sat out all of last year.  I'd have to know what it is that the 49ers are asking for in return before suggesting the Colts should make the deal, but it's something that the Colts should at least inquire about.  That's not to suggest that right tackle is their biggest need, but they still could stand to improve there and having a player like Anthony Davis come available should prompt at least an inquiry.  I'd just be hesitant to part with draft picks this year in a crucial draft for Ryan Grigson, one in which he has just six picks.  That doesn't mean the Colts shouldn't do a move, it just means that it's hard to say whether the Colts should actually make it unless/until we know what it is that San Francisco wants in return.  One thing should be clear, however: how much you think the Colts should pursue Davis in a potential trade likely depends largely on how big of a need you think the right tackle position is.  And considering the fact that the Colts don't seem to think it's nearly as big of a need as many "analysts" do, then I wouldn't consider a trade for Anthony Davis likely to happen.