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Andrew Luck looking to put difficult 2015 season behind him as Colts begin offseason workouts

It was a rough 2015 season for Andrew Luck, but the Colts and their quarterback are putting last year behind them and moving on to 2016 as they begin offseason workouts today.

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By all accounts, 2015 was a very rough year for Colts quarterback Andrew Luck.  He missed nine games due to injuries - he dealt with shoulder and rib injuries, in addition to a lacerated kidney and torn abdominal muscle - and in the seven games that he did play, he turned the football over 13 times (12 interceptions and one fumble lost).

Though that memory of Luck's struggles is fresh in the minds of many, the Colts are turning the page as they look forward to the 2016 season.  That process officially began today, as the players reported to the West 56th Street complex to begin their offseason workout program.  This is a time of year filled with plenty of high hopes for teams as they work toward achieving their goals in 2016.  "Hope springs eternal," Luck said today

"It's great to be back," the Colts' quarterback said when addressing the media, according to the Indianapolis Star.  "It's great to be back with some new faces, good to be back with some old faces.  Obviously a lot of change, which I think could be a good thing.  It needs to be a good thing for the Colts.  So very, very exciting.  It's good to have just about the whole team here and have some good work in."

The 2015 season was a trying one for him, one that he admitted was tough "physically, mentally, and emotionally." The good news, though?  Luck's kidney is healthy and he is good to go as the Colts begin workouts - though phase one, which began today and lasts two weeks, includes just conditioning and weight training.  Luck admitted that he does have a plan to continue improving physically and health-wise throughout the offseason, though he didn't offer details of the specifics.  One thing he did make clear, though, is that he's returning to the basics this offseason.

"I definitely took a different approach with how last season shook out," Luck said today. "Went back to focus on some things, and obviously we have a new offense this year which is going to be another new wrinkle in learning.  And a new quarterback coach, which I haven't had in my four years here so far.  So it will be going back to a lot of basics and fundamentals and things that I need.  I think I need that to improve and get better."

After he was so good during his first three seasons, the Colts are hoping that a return to health and a return to the basics will pay off for their franchise player, which in turn would mean good things for the team.  The time where that work is really put in begins today with the start of the offseason program, and Luck will spend the next several weeks conditioning, continuing to get healthier, and working on the fundamentals of playing quarterback.

When wide receiver T.Y. Hilton approached Luck today in the locker room, he told his quarterback, "you look good." Hopefully, that's also what Colts fans will be saying after seeing him on the field in 2016, but in order for that to happen, Andrew Luck needs to put in the work this offseason.  The good news?  That's exactly what he's doing.