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Were the Colts Color Rush uniforms leaked?

The NFL Color Rush uniform colors have allegedly leaked, though it's unclear whether or not they are accurate.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this offseason, Lions team president Rod Wood revealed that every NFL team playing on a Thursday in 2016 will wear Color Rush uniforms, which debuted last season for some of the Thursday games.

The Indianapolis Colts will host the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday, November 24 this season to cap off a three-game Thanksgiving Day slate for the NFL, so it seems like a national television audience on Thanksgiving night will be seeing the Colts and Steelers don Color Rush uniforms.  But what will those uniforms look like?  An image making the rounds on twitter claims to have leaked the colors for each team's Color Rush uniforms.

It is crucial to keep in mind that, at this point, this is nothing more than a rumor, and in addition you can see at the top of the photo that it says these colors are subject to change.  So don't at all consider this official yet, but it's interesting to look at nonetheless.

To be honest, for the Colts the color isn't too much different.  You'll notice that the blue color for them is very similar to their current color, though their uniforms will still be different because they will be all-blue.  For the Steelers, their color also wouldn't be too strange, as they would wear gold.  Neither color would conflict with the other either, so these colors could wind up being the ones that each team wears - in other words, there's no conflict.

With that said, however, the Steelers seem to have a different idea for their Color Rush uniforms than the gold that is listed on that chart.  Steelers president Art Rooney II talked about the Steelers vs. Colts game and mentioned that he thinks it is indeed a Color Rush game, but he added an interesting note: the Steelers' Color Rush uniforms are likely to be either black or white.

"I haven't heard anything official, but I assume that's a color rush game," Rooney told the team's website.  "It'll be Indianapolis' call in terms of what uniform they wear, and so I haven't heard yet from them what their color rush uniform is.  We'll have to wait and see on that one what color we'll be wearing."

"We had our options," he continued.  "We had some presentations from Nike in terms of what the options were, and we decided our color-option was going to be black, and the default option is going to be white.  When you're the road team, the home team gets to decide what it's wearing.  If for some reason the Colts would decide to wear white, we would wear black.  We just felt black was more of our predominant color (than gold)."

Those comments are especially interesting in light of the alleged leak, as Rooney mentioned that they want to wear either all black or all white, preferring to wear black than gold.  The chart that was leaked features gold uniforms for the Steelers, which doesn't match up with their public comments.  Could it be that the Nike uniforms will be a different color than the Steelers were hoping?  Sure, but it does seem like the team would have some influence over that decision and it also is a strange thing for Rooney to say if it had already been determined the Steelers would wear gold.

So in summary, we're not sure yet what the Colts' Color Rush uniforms will look like, but it wouldn't at all be a surprise to see their uniform color end up looking very similar to the one in the leaked image.  That doesn't necessarily mean the image is accurate, but the color is possible.  What we do know, however, is that teams playing on Thursdays this year will be wearing Color Rush uniforms, and the home teams will get to decide what color they are wearing first, meaning the Colts will have their choice of uniforms when hosting the Steelers on Thanksgiving night this upcoming season.