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NFL Mock Draft 2016: Todd McShay has Colts taking offensive tackle Taylor Decker in first round

ESPN's Todd McShay has the Colts taking Ohio State offensive tackle Taylor Decker in the first round. Surprise, surprise.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

One week from today, we will finally be able to find out who the Indianapolis Colts will take in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft.  For months, people have been speculating on what the Colts might do with the 18th pick, but in one week we'll know for sure.  Before that, however, comes more mock drafts, and with more mock drafts comes more predicted tackles for the Colts.

ESPN's Todd McShay released his mock draft 5.0 this morning and, to everyone's surprise (just kidding), he has the Colts taking Ohio State offensive tackle Taylor Decker.

After failing to protect Andrew Luck last season, the Colts must come out of this draft with a more solidified offensive line. Decker would be a great place to start. He's a perfect fit at right tackle, Indy's biggest need, and has one of the highest floors of anyone in this draft.

You've got to give McShay credit: at least he realizes the Colts' tackle need is at right tackle, not left tackle - something his ESPN counterparts and other "analysts" in the media seem to get confused.  Many just gloss over the fact that the Colts have Anthony Castonzo at left tackle, but at least Todd McShay understands that the Colts don't have a need there but rather on the other side of the line.

From there, he goes on to state that the position is the team's biggest need, which is certainly debatable.  I would argue that several other positions - including pass rush and center - are bigger needs than tackle, but around draft time different opinions are (or should) always welcomed.  You certainly get some crazy opinions (like ignoring Castonzo or suggesting the Colts should trade up for a tackle), but with Todd McShay's latest mock draft, it seems that it is simply a case of him saying that the Colts need to improve their line, Decker is very talented, and could fit at right tackle.  If someone is going to predict a tackle to the Colts in the first round (like so many are), at least Todd McShay correctly understands where that player would play and justifies it by explaining Decker's upside - which could possibly fit into Ryan Grigson's best player available strategy.