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Chuck Pagano helped raise $1.2 million for cancer research on Thursday with ChuckStrong Tailgate Gala

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On Thursday evening, Chuck Pagano hosted his fourth annual ChuckStrong Tailgate Gala, and this year they raised $1.2 million to go toward cancer research.

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, we mentioned that Colts head coach Chuck Pagano was hosting his annual ChuckStrong Tailgate Gala, raising money for cancer research.

According to's Steve Andress, Pagano helped to raise $1.2 million yesterday, the most in the four-year history of the ChuckStrong Tailgate Gala.  In total, Pagano has helped to raise $3.7 million toward cancer research.

It's an awesome event and it's awesome to see Chuck Pagano so active in trying to give back to the community.  He has made an effort to encourage those battling cancer, and he also has been raising money to go toward cancer research.

"So many people supported me and helped me through my journey," Pagano said, according to  "You can't do it alone.  It's about hope.  It's about faith.  It's about a vision knowing that you have what it takes to get through it and that you're not doing it alone.  Our vision is to find a way right here, in Indy, to stamp out cancer.  That's what we're here for."

Several of Pagano's players came out to participate in the Gala and show their support both for the cause and for the Coach.  One such player in attendance last night was quarterback Andrew Luck.

"I remember being asked during that season, ‘When you hear your coach is sick, is it the same thing as coming into a locker room after a loss?'" Luck told the Indianapolis Star last night.  "No. It's totally different.  Football's a game and we're fortunate to play and coach it.  It put a different perspective on things.  I think it's made him a better coach and us a better team.   He's always got our backs, and we've always got his back.  He's a great man to play for."

As I said yesterday, this is an awesome event that Chuck Pagano puts on every year, and it's very cool to hear about some really good things that people in the NFL are doing for a change.  Pagano has always tried to give back, and he's been able to use his own experience in fighting cancer to help encourage others who are going through similar battles.  He is also able to use his influence as the coach of the Colts to raise support for cancer research, and it's impressive to have raised $1.2 million last night.  It's for a great cause, and Chuck Pagano is doing what he can to help others.