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Colts quarterback Andrew Luck launches book club

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Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has launched a new book club.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

There are many reasons why Colts fans love Andrew Luck.  One of those reasons is that, while other NFL players are getting in trouble, Luck would rather just read books.  As a result of that passion for reading, Luck has launched the Andrew Luck Book Club today.

The site has launched, as well as a twitter account, and it is described as "a forum for a book-reading community to grow through the love of reading."  Luck will periodically give recommendations for books in two categories: "Rookies" (books he enjoyed reading as a kid) and "Veterans" (books for more seasoned readers).  The plan is for the book recommendations to follow the NFL schedule, including offseason, mini-camp, summer training, pre-season, and then the season itself.  During the season, Luck will have guest athletes fill in while he focuses more on football.  Through social media and even through live Q&As with Luck on the website, it will be an opportunity for people to discuss books that they are reading and enjoy.  To kick off the website, Luck began with a book recommendation in each category: For rookies, Maniac MaGee by Jerry Spinelli, and for veterans, The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown.

"I often get recognized by my teammates and the media for my passion for reading," Luck said, as described on the website.  "And it's no secret that I enjoy sharing suggestions for books with my teammates, family and friends.  So starting this online book club felt like a natural and really fun opportunity. will be a platform for me to share my love of reading with an even larger audience.  By using #ALBookClub on FacebookInstagram and Twitter, let's build a community of readers."

It's a cool venture by Luck to help spread a focus on something he is passionate about and one of his hobbies.  This is the closest we've come to seeing him active on social media as well, so it's a bit of a new step for the quarterback.  We know that there's no questioning his commitment to football and to winning, so seeing him launch the Andrew Luck Book Club is a cool idea and something we'll be paying attention to.