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Colts trade down in second round with Packers to gain more picks

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts have traded the 48th overall pick in the NFL Draft to the Green Bay Packers, who were scheduled to pick 57th overall.

The Packers get the Colts' 48th overall pick, and in exchange for moving up nine spots they gave the Colts the 57th overall pick (second round), the 125th overall pick (fourth round), and the 248th overall pick (seventh round), giving the Colts two more picks for the draft and bringing their total to eight.  This seems like a solid haul for the Colts to move down nine spots, as they add two picks.  That's either two more players in a deep draft or extra picks to maneuver even more with other potential trades.  Either way, the Colts have added to their overall list of picks this weekend to bring the total to eight.

In a bit or irony, the player the Packers came up to draft was actually an Indiana player, as they took tackle Jason Spriggs.  The Colts will be on the clock shortly with the 57th overall pick, and with plenty of defensive talent still available, they likely felt they could move down a few spots, add some picks, and still get a player they like (similar to what they did with D'Joun Smith last year).

Here's a complete updated look at the Colts' picks in the 2016 NFL Draft:

1st round, 18th overall pick: Ryan Kelly, center, Alabama

2nd round, 57th overall pick (from Packers)

3rd round, 82nd overall pick

4th round, 116th overall pick

4th round, 125th overall pick (from Packers)

5th round, 155th overall pick

7th round, 239th overall pick

7th round, 248th overall pick (from Packers)

The team's sixth round pick was traded to the Oakland Raiders in exchange for linebacker Sio Moore last year, leaving them with six picks in the draft (currently, barring a trade).  Additionally, here's an update on the Colts' areas of need (in no particular order):

Pass rush

Offensive line (The Colts could still use offensive line help, but for the purposes of this list we're crossing it off since hte Colts did address the position already in the draft)

Running back

Inside linebacker

Defensive back (safety and/or cornerback)