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Colts would have drafted T.J. Green with original second round pick if they had not traded

Colts general manager Ryan Grigson said tonight that the team would have taken safety T.J. Green with their original pick in the second round (48 overall) if they hadn't traded with the Packers.

Tyler Smith/Getty Images

In the second round of the NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts made some noise by trading down from their original 48th overall pick with the Packers down to the 57th overall pick, swapping second rounders and adding a fourth and seventh round pick.

The Colts wound up drafting Clemson safety T.J. Green with that 57th overall pick, and Colts general manager Ryan Grigson was adamant that they would have drafted Green with the 48th pick had they not traded.

"Like Jim [Irsay] said, it's like, we waited, and we rolled the dice a little bit, but it's like we walked down the hall and found a fourth round pick," Grigson said tonight.  "It's like it was laying on the ground [and] we picked it up.  All we had to do was wait.  All we had to do was wait, and we did.  And we still got our guy and got the picks.  It doesn't always happen like that."

Head coach chuck Pagano said that there were people in the draft room who wanted to take Green at number 48 and not risk trading down, either.

"There was somebody standing on the table saying, 'let's go do it right now!  Let's not risk losing him!'" Pagano said.  "But yeah, great foresight and it all worked out.  We got two more picks and we get the same guy."

The Colts seem to really like the addition of Green and they love the potential and the upside that he brings.  They plan to let him play behind Mike Adams and Clayton Geathers this year while also contributing on special teams, but they liked him well enough that they would have taken him with their original second round pick had they not traded.  In that regard, it sounds like a similar situation to their drafting of D'Joun Smith last year, as the Colts traded down and still got Smith,the player they said they wanted all along.  Of course, you wouldn't expect them to say anything otherwise, but it sounds like the Colts really like T.J. Green as a safety.  Hopefully, they're proven right.