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Seven round mock draft has Colts addressing top needs

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A seven round mock draft for the Colts from Rotoworld has the team addressing their top needs.

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The Indianapolis Colts currently have six picks in the upcoming 2016 NFL Draft, and they have a lot of needs to address yet this offseason.  That makes this year's draft a crucial one for the Colts, and it will be interesting to see just how the team priorities their needs and the value of certain prospects.

Rotoworld recently took a look at the Colts' top needs, with Evan Silva ranking them as follows:

1.  Edge Rusher

2.  Offensive Line

3.  Running Back

Silva is absolutely right in saying that adding a pass rusher is a higher priority than the offensive line, though the Colts could still stand to upgrade up front.  As for the third position on the list, some may be inclined to prioritize an inside linebacker over a running back, but both are needs - regardless of how they are ranked.

Using those draft needs, Rotoworld's Josh Norris then proceeded to conduct a seven-round mock draftfor the Colts.  Here are his picks for the Colts:

1 (18) - Noah Spence, edge rusher, Eastern Kentucky

2 (48) - Jerald Hawkins, T, LSU

3 (82) - C.J. Prosise, RB, Notre Dame

4 (116) - Nick Vigil, ILB, Utah State

5 (155) - Jayron Kearse, S, Clemson

7 (239) - Roy Robertson-Harris, Edge rusher, UTEP

Norris' mock draft addresses each of Silva's top three needs in order in the first three rounds, adding arguably the draft's best pass rusher in Noah Spence.  There have been several mock drafts that we have seen mock Spence to the Colts, which makes a lot of sense.  The Colts desperately need pass rush help, as that has been their biggest weakness for the past few seasons.

This is a very need-centered mock draft for the Colts, but there's a lot to like.  Spence could really help the team's pass rush, while Prosise could be a great fit for the Colts in the third round.  Furthermore, the Colts would add an offensive lineman (one who is versatile and could perhaps move around along the offensive line), an inside linebacker, a safety, and another pass rusher.  That's not a bad haul, and while it's always best to go "best player available" in the draft, it's also nice to be able to fill needs.  If the Colts could manage to do both, that would be the ideal situation, and it seems that's what Josh Norris tried to do while heavily factoring in the team's needs.