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Colts host 17 players at local pro day on Wednesday

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The Indianapolis Colts hosted 17 players at their local pro day on Wednesday.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

On Wednesday, the Indianapolis Colts held their local pro day, an opportunity for the team to get a look at some prospects for this year's NFL Draft.

The local pro day gives the Colts the chance to have their own coaching staff work out certain players while the Colts' scouts and personnel look on.  The idea behind the local pro days are so that teams won't miss out on local talent, as general manager Ryan Grigson has noted before that he can't miss players right underneath his nose.  There's plenty of talent locally, with some of the players in attendance at the Colts' pro day getting looks from other NFL teams and with other players desperately trying to get their name out there and generate attention.'s Kevin Bowen had a list of those players who participated in the Colts' pro day:

Connor Barthel, QB, University of Indianapolis

Dwayne Beckford, ILB, Marian University

Jamar Brown, TE, Indiana State University

Kevin Brown, ILB, University of Cincinnati

Lee Campbell, DT, University of Indianapolis

Sheldon Day, DT, University of Notre Dame

Joel Hale, G, Ohio State University

Reece Horn, WR, University of Indianapolis

Darius Latham, DT, Indiana University

Shane Mikesky, WR, Purdue University

Nick Plavchak, G, Ball State University

Erich Toth, P, Indiana University

Tre Roberson, WR/DB, Illinois State University

Matt Shiltz, QB, Butler University

Troy Smith, CB, Ferris State University

Cole Toner, OT, Harvard University

Jordan Williams, WR, Ball State University

In addition, Notre Dame center Nick Martin was invited to work out at the Colts' local pro day but could not attend.

It's not uncommon to see a team like the Colts wind up giving at least one player from their local pro day a shot, whether that means through the draft or as an undrafted free agent.  When it comes time for the Colts to begin signing free agents right after the draft concludes, this list is probably a good one to keep bookmarked, as it wouldn't at all be surprising to see the Colts add one or two players who worked out for them today.  It's a good way for the team to keep tabs on some local talent, and that's always a good thing.