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Report: Peyton Manning consulted with John Madden about potential analyst job

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According to The Big Lead's Jason McIntyre, Peyton Manning consulted with former coach and broadcaster John Madden about a potential analyst job with CBS.

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When we last heard from Peyton Manning, he was telling Indianapolis media that he didn't yet know what he was going to do next in his retirement.  It appears that he still isn't sure, but in typical Peyton Manning fashion, he's doing his research.

According to The Big Lead's Jason McIntyre, Manning recently spoke with Hall of Fame head coach and former broadcaster John Madden.  It is believed that Manning has a standing offer from CBS Sports (and perhaps others), something that seemed to be indicated in McIntyre's report as well - McIntyre states that CBS is the only network that Manning is "strongly considering" and that the potential job would be as the color man in the booth alongside Jim Nantz, CBS' A-team play-by-play announcer.

As the future Hall of Fame quarterback decides what to do next, he consulted with someone who has three decades of broadcast experience in Madden.  The kicker, though, is this: according to McIntyre, Madden told Manning to pursue either partial ownership in a team or a John Elway-type role with a franchise.

It will be interesting to see what does wind up doing, as he would figure to do a good job regardless of whether he chooses the broadcast booth or an Elway-like role.  Manning has the personality and the football knowledge to make a great color analyst in a booth, and it would also allow him to take a step back while still keeping involved with the game.  As far as an executive role, many think Manning could wind up running a team similar to the way John Elway runs the Broncos, and Hall of Fame general manager Bill Polian thinks Manning would do a good job at it.

It's unclear just what Peyton Manning will decide to do in his retirement, but this report makes at least one thing clear: he's still preparing and doing his research just like he always has.