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Former Colts linebacker Jonathan Newsome gets marijuana charges dropped, dabs in celebration

Former Colts linebacker Jonathan Newsome got his marijuana charges dropped yesterday, and he dabbed outside of the courthouse in celebration.

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday, the marijuana charges that former Colts linebacker Jonathan Newsome was facing were dropped.  So, of course, he dabbed outside of the courthouse to celebrate.

In all seriousness, the Indianapolis Star reports that Newsome was sentenced to supervised probation for the maintaining a common nuisance charge, which was entered as a Class A misdemeanor under Newsome's plea agreement (it typically is a Level 6 Felony).  The marijuana charges facing Newsome that stemmed from his February arrest were dropped.

Newsome's attorney told the Star that the linebacker can serve his probation at any location as long as he checks in with court officials by phone, meaning he can continue to pursue NFL jobs.  He has not yet signed with another team and it's unclear whether any club has even expressed interest, but perhaps the resolution to these charges will help garner some.

The Colts released Newsome earlier this offseason following his arrest, but it's unlikely they'll look to bring him back now even though the marijuana charges were dropped.  It could happen, but it's very unlikely.  The Colts' release of Newsome had a lot to do with his performance on-the-field as well, as he was a massive disappointment in 2015 after a promising rookie season.  As a result, once he was arrested that was the final straw and the Colts decided to part ways.  The Colts need pass rush help, but they needed it just as badly when Newsome was on the roster, as he didn't do much to help in the area last year.  So I wouldn't expect Jonathan Newsome to be back with the Colts anytime soon, but hopefully he's able to find a team and get a shot this offseason now that the legal situation has some resolution.