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Former Colts safety Colt Anderson visits the Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills announced today that former Colts safety Colt Anderson was visiting the team today.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

As free agency has quieted down, there hasn't been a ton of news or information about the Colts or their former players, but today we heard a tidbit to keep an eye on.  Earlier today, the Buffalo Bills announced that they had free agent safety Colt Anderson in for a visit today.

Anderson spent the past two seasons with the Indianapolis Colts, playing in 29 games (starting one) and recording 23 tackles and a fumble recovery.  He was the team's backup safety and was the first one to step in and start for Mike Adams in 2015, though later in the year that role went to rookie Clayton Geathers.  While Anderson is a solid depth safety, his play on special teams really cemented his spot on the roster.  He proved to be one of the more reliable members of the Colts' special teams unit over the past two seasons, carving out a nice role for himself there.  Before his time with the Colts, he spent four years with the Philadelphia Eagles, playing in 48 games (starting six) and recording 65 tackles, four passes defensed, an interception, and two forced fumbles.

This late in the process, it's likely that the Colts plan to move on from Colt Anderson, though it is certainly possible the team could opt to sign a familiar face if Anderson is still a free agent moving forward.  Last year, the Colts went about looking for better depth but wound up signing a few familiar faces during the season once their special teams units suffered, and it's possible that could be a scenario for bringing back Anderson.  At the same time, however, he's exploring his options in free agency, and for his sake, hopefully he gets a shot somewhere.  He was visiting the Buffalo Bills today so there's obviously interest, but it's unclear whether anything will come of it.