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NFL Mock Draft 2016: Matt Miller thinks Colts "should" draft Jaylon Smith

In his most recent mock draft, Bleacher Report's Matt Miller looked at who he thinks the Colts "will" take (Noah Spence) and who he thinks the Colts "should" take (Jaylon Smith).

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

During this time of year, there are a lot of different mock drafts released, and it can sometimes be hard to tell the difference between mocks that are basing their picks on who they think a team will take or who they think a team should take - or whether there's even a difference.

Because of that, Bleacher Report's Matt Miller had the idea for his most recent mock draft to distinguish between the two, listing a player he thinks the team will take in the first round and who he thinks the team should take.  Miller thinks the Colts "will" take Eastern Kentucky edge rusher Noah Spence, but he thinks the Colts "should" take Notre Dame linebacker Jaylon Smith.

Smith, of course, would have been in the running for the top overall pick in this year's draft had he not suffered a torn ACL and MCL in Notre Dame's bowl game.  It's unclear whether or not he also suffered nerve damage, and Smith may very well miss the entire 2016 season.  That has caused his draft stock to plummet and makes the upcoming medical re-check incredibly important.  If he checks out well and doctors find that he is progressing well, it's likely that Smith could find his way back into the first round, and then we could have the discussion of whether or not the Colts should take him.  Smith is without a doubt an incredibly talented player who could be a difference-maker, and there would be no one available at number 18 overall with the potential of Smith - if he could get healthy.  So while it's impossible to say right now whether it would be a good move for the Colts to draft him at number 18 overall, if his medical re-checks go well, it's a scenario that should be considered.  Smith could be a huge player for the Colts if healthy, and if his future checks out well in the medical checks, it might be worth taking him this year knowing he likely wouldn't be able to help right away.

The player that Miller thinks the Colts should pick is a more common name in mock drafts, as Noah Spence is one of the top pass rushers available in the draft and would address the Colts' biggest need.  Which of these two players would you rather the Colts take: the one Miller thinks they "will" take in Noah Spence, or the one Miller thinks they "should" take in Jaylon Smith?