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It looks like the Colts are trying Jonotthan Harrison at guard this offseason

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars Jim Steve-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, the Indianapolis Colts tweeted out our first look at Ryan Kelly snapping the football to Andrew Luck, which is awesome by itself. But also interesting are the players surrounding Kelly, namely at right guard.

In the video that was tweeted out, Jonotthan Harrison was working at right guard with what looked to be the first team (Kelly was at center, Jack Mewhort was at left guard, and Luck as at quarterback). Of course, that part about the first team is not the important part right now. It really doesn't matter whatsoever who is working with the first team in phase two of offseason workouts, while we also have only one play to go off of - meaning that could, theoretically, be the only time Harrison was with the first team. In other words, please don't read anything at all into the first team thing.

What is worth noting, however, is that Jonotthan Harrison appears to be working at guard (again, at least for this one play, though likely on others as well). There's really no surprise about this, but it's the first time that I can remember seeing confirmation of it.

When the Colts drafted Ryan Kelly in the first round of the NFL Draft and then especially when they added Austin Blythe in the seventh round, the conversation shifted to whether the Colts would try either Khaled Holmes or Jonotthan Harrison at guard. A few days later the team released Holmes, but it does seem as if Harrison will get a shot at guard. It's something that fans have brought up for a year or two, as Harrison does have a skillset that could translate to guard. He's a strong, physical player whose most notable mistakes have come from the aspects of the game relegated to the center position (like snapping the ball or the mental side of things). Many wondered whether the team should give him a shot at guard, and those questions picked up even more after the team drafted two centers.

Really, it's as simple as this: why not? There's no reason why the Colts shouldn't try Harrison at guard; Ryan Kelly has taken Harrison's starting spot at center without any doubt, while Austin Blythe seems to have a very good shot at taking the backup center spot. It's possible that Harrison's best shot at making the roster will be at guard, so there's no reason not to try him there.

It's unclear whether the Colts plan to work Harrison at both guard and center this offseason or have him focus primarily on one of them, but the video they tweeted out makes it seem as if Harrison is working at guard. Again, this doesn't mean that he for sure is going to be working at guard moving forward, as we just don't have enough information yet. But the facts are that it makes perfect sense to move him to guard and a video tweeted out by the team shows him working there. That's certainly enough to pique interest. The roster still lists him as just a center (they listed Holmes as a center/guard) and the Colts haven't even begun phase three of the offseason program yet, so this is all still unconfirmed and unofficial. But it does seem as if the Colts are trying Jonotthan Harrison at guard, which makes perfect sense and will be something to keep an eye on.