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ESPN grades Colts' 2016 offseason moves

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Most of the offseason moves for the 32 NFL teams are done by this point, as the big rush of free agency and the draft are both over with. As a result, it's a good time to look back at the moves made during the offseason by each team.

That's what ESPN's Bill Barnwell is doing, as he is taking a division-by-division look at each team's offseason and assigning a grade. For the Indianapolis Colts, he gave them a "B."

Barnwell liked the change in strategy for Ryan Grigson when it came to his approach in free agency, saying that what went right for the Colts was "they stopped acting like the Colts." His point was that Grigson was much more meticulous in free agency this year, which was certainly a welcome change. On the negative side, Barnwell wasn't a big fan of the fact that the Colts brought Grigson back in the first place. Lastly, he said that the Colts need to turn their focus now to Andrew Luck's coming extension, which will be massive - even suggesting that Luck could get around $98.2 million in guaranteed money (a number that would be based off of franchise tag numbers).

I think Barnwell's grade is perfectly fair and accurate. The Colts didn't have the best offseason in the NFL, but it was still a good one. They added a starting cornerback in Patrick Robinson, added a starting center in Ryan Kelly, retained a starting tight end (Dwayne Allen) and a kicker (Adam Vinatieri), and added plenty of depth all over the roster. The Colts made the moves they had to make while still keeping money for Luck's extension, and honestly, Luck coming back healthy in 2016 will be the biggest possible addition.  The Colts had a very solid offseason that was geared as much toward the future as toward 2016, and that philosophical shift will hopefully pay dividends for years to come.