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Andrew Luck reveals nerdiest item he plans to buy when he receives new contract

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Before long, Andrew Luck will receive a massive contract extension from the Indianapolis Colts. While it's still unknown just how big the deal will be (most estimates seem to place it in the $22-25 million per year range), what's clear is that the deal is coming (and likely this offseason).

Recently, Luck appeared on "The Ringer" podcast with Kevin Clark and talked about all sorts of things (like books, Game of Thrones, and even a little bit of football), but one question that he was asked was what the nerdiest thing he will buy upon receiving that contract is. His response: a robot ping-pong returner.

"That's a good question," Luck said, laughing. "Maybe, like, a robot ping-pong thing that can hit balls back at you. My buddy has one and he swears by it."

Clark then followed it up by asking if Luck really has trouble finding some people to play ping-pong with. "No, there's some good ping-pong players," Luck said, "but sometimes, no one wants to hang out, you know?"

So there you have it. When Andrew Luck gets his new contract that is expected to be the largest deal in NFL history, he wants to buy a robot ping-pong returner.

The interview was a good listen to learn more about Luck, as most of it wasn't even about football. There were a few questions about Luck's day job, however, and he said that he's healthy and excited to be working out with the team (and the new rookies) this offseason - and he even poked some fun at Adam Vinatieri, the oldest player in the NFL (he's 43 years old).

"Yeah, [I'm] full-go, feel great," Luck said. "We've had, I want to say four weeks now of official offseason activities. It's been great. We've got the rookies in the building, which is always fun. It seems like the roster doubles in size [with] a bunch of new guys and you don't know their names. It makes you remember being a rookie and walking in for the first time and seeing guys like Dwight Freeney and Reggie Wayne and Rob Mathis, Adam Vinatieri. I think every rookie thinks Vinatieri's a coach when they walk in the locker room and they're wondering why a coach gets a locker next to Robert Turbin. But no, it's a fun time and [I] feel great."

Luck also talked about what he learned from last season and how he's working this offseason to address that.

"There's definitely some parts that I feel like I regressed in and maybe didn't improve," Luck said, "and then there's obviously some parts that I feel like I actually did better in. But at the end of the day, it's about winning, and how do you win? It's with limiting turnovers, it's putting points on the board, and that's something that I didn't do a good enough job in. So [I'm] focused on that and learning a new offense with [Rob] Chudzinski as the coordinator, and a new quarterbacks coach with [Brian] Schottenheimer, so it's a learning process but that's what the offseason is for and that's exciting. Hope springs eternal in the offseason, for every sport and every team I think."

Luck and the Colts returned to the practice field on Monday to begin OTAs, as they are now permitted to do on-field team drills.