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Me vs Mel: The Final Tally

The draft is all said and done. Ben Lamers takes a look at his mock draft, and the mocks of the other Stampede Blue writers, and the ESPN "experts" to see who really knows the most. Or at least, who can guess the best.

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I'll admit, through the first few picks, I was feeling extremely good about my mock draft. Then, like every year, it all came crashing down. Much like my NCAA bracket this year.

Much like last year, after talking smack about Mel Kiper, it's time to see who actually picked the most correct draftees. In the case of trades, if we had a player going to that team, but in a different spot, I'll count it. I'll also be looking at Todd McShay's draft, as well as our own Andrew Aziz's and Stephen Reed's draft.

Ben Lamers - I hit on five of the first six picks. The only one I saw go up in smoke was picking Laremy Tunsil to the Chargers. After the Ravens selection, though, my draft fell apart. In fact, the only pick I got correct after that was slotting Ryan Kelly to the Colts.

So I didn't do too well. Then again, I did better than last year, and improvement is the name of the game. I think.

Ben - 6 Correct Picks

Andrew Aziz - Like almost every Mock Draft, Andrew nailed the first two picks. Like my draft, he also had the Cowboys opting in for Ezekiel Elliott. After that, it became a little disjointed. However, Andrew correctly, and impressively, pegged Will Fuller to the Texans and Leonard Floyd to the Bears.

In total, Andrew hit five picks correct in the first round of the draft.

Andrew - 5 correct picks

Stephen Reed - As Stephen correctly noted in his Mock Draft, I did decide to tally up the scores again this year. And it's a good thing that I did. Stephen correctly hit a total of EIGHT correct picks. In other words, he correctly picked a quarter of the draft, which is most impressive.

He called Treadwell to the Vikings and Keanu Neal to Atlanta, in addition to about every offensive tackle. Except for Tunsil.

Stephen - 8 correct picks

Mel Kiper - Now the fun begins. How did our friend Mel Kiper do? Well, like everyone he got the first two picks right. Kiper also correctly slotted eight picks this year. Including Treadwell to Minnesota, and Rankins to New Orleans. We'll note that he did correctly pick Kelly to the Colts as well.

I guess with eight correct picks, Mel did pretty well for himself this year.

Mel Kiper - 8 correct picks

Todd McShay - And that brings us to Kiper's counterpart at ESPN in McShay. And as it turns out, he's our big winner this year. McShay correctly picked 10 of the first 31 in this year' draft. He lined up a slew of correct picks outside the top five, which obviously helped his cause. If McShay could have correctly placed the receivers in the later rounds, he would have been closer to 50% correct picks.

Todd McShay - 10 correct picks

As it turns out, the ESPN guys didn't do too badly either. Although for a second year in a row one of our own writers did the same or better than Mel Kiper. Last year Josh out picked both ESPN experts, and all of us here at Stampede Blue. This year, it was Stephen drawing even with Kiper. What we've learned is that ESPN should clearly be asking us here in Colts Nation our advice on the draft.