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What's the most embarrassing Colts jersey to own?

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Colts fans have a reputation around the NFL for wearing a lot of jerseys to their team's home games, but not all jerseys are worth wearing. There are some - like Peyton Manning's number 18 jersey - that stand the test of time and are still frequently worn today, but there are others that get put in the closet or in a drawer to never be worn again.

That's determined by how well a player does on the field for a team, and recently USA Today's For the Win site listed the most embarrassing jersey to own for each team. For the Indianapolis Colts, it was Mike Vanderjagt's number 13 uniform, with the simple explanation that he was "the anti-Vinatieri."

Mike Vanderjagt's career will always be defined by one kick: his miss against the Steelers in the divisional round of the 2005 NFL Playoffs, a season in which the Colts were the Super Bowl favorites and a team that many still consider Indy's best. He was actually a very accurate kicker during his tenure with the Colts, hitting on 87.5% of his kicks during his eight-year tenure. But it was in the clutch where he didn't always impress, and his miss against the Steelers will long be remembered.

But is his jersey really the most embarrassing one that Colts fans could own? Is it worse than owning a Trent Richardson jersey, for example? This is a very subjective exercise so there's really no right or wrong answer, but what do you think? What's the most embarrassing jersey you own or that a Colts fan could own?