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Who is the best Colts player who could be cut?

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Much of the talk in the NFL world around this time of year is all about predictions for the upcoming season, such as starting lineups and roster projections. Because of that, Bleacher Report's Russell S. Baxter earlier this week wrote a list slideshow of the best player who could be cut from each team.

For the Indianapolis Colts, the player listed was defensive lineman Arthur Jones.

With 2016 fourth-round pick Hassan Ridgeway waiting in the wings, a parting of the ways with Jones is possible. All told, this has been a disappointing Colts defense that must turn the corner soon.

Jones was one of the leading candidates to be cut earlier this offseason, but instead he took a paycut from $4.5 million to $2.5 million, though he can earn back that $2 million in incentives (according to ESPN's Field Yates). Because of that paycut, Jones figures to be around this season.

It would honestly come as a surprise if the Colts wind up cutting Jones, even though they do have a lot of depth along their defensive line. Henry Anderson is returning from injury, while Kendall Langford, David Parry, Zach Kerr, and T.Y. McGill are also coming back - plus, of course, the addition of Hassan Ridgeway in the draft. That gives the Colts an abundance of talented players at the position (a good problem to have) and does open up the possibility of one of them (like Jones) being cut. With that said, I don't expect it to happen unless Jones suffers another injury in training camp or preseason. The team knows he's a talented player and they want to see what he can do when healthy, so I would be surprised if they part ways with him unless there's another injury.

That's the reason Arthur Jones was included on this list, however, as the list was intended to be about good players who could be cut even though they're not expected to be. In that regard, I understand his inclusion, but I just don't see it happening. What about you? Who do you think the best Colts player who could be cut before the regular season is?