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Colts considered AFC South favorites, according to oddsmakers

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Indianapolis Colts Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

In recent years, the AFC South has been the laughingstock of the NFL and has been widely regarded as the weakest of the league's eight divisions.

That perception could be changing, however, as the Jacksonville Jaguars have a very talented roster and the Tennessee Titans are (slowly) turning things around. That's in addition to the Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts, who have dominated the division recently.

Because the division is expected to be better in 2016, it also means that many expect more competition. And while the expectations vary for the Colts when it comes to the AFC South - some consider them the favorites, others (like the Colts coaches and players) consider the Texans the favorites, while others don't even think the Colts will compete in the division - the oddsmakers still consider them the favorite.

Earlier this week, Bovada released the odds for each team to win their division and installed the Colts as the early favorites in the AFC South. Here are the odds for the four teams in the division (click here to read the odds for the other divisions):

Indianapolis Colts 5/4

Houston Texans 2/1

Jacksonville Jaguars 7/2

Tennessee Titans 10/1

It shouldn't really come as a surprise that the Colts have the best odds with Andrew Luck coming back. While the other three teams improved this offseason, the Colts are getting their franchise quarterback back. And with Luck under center, the Colts haven't lost a game against a divisional opponent since his rookie season in 2012. He's proven that he can carry a team with weaknesses to a division title and the playoffs, and so it makes sense for Vegas to think he can do it again when healthy. Luck is likely the main (and perhaps only) reason why the Colts are installed as the favorites, but it makes sense. Until an AFC South team shows they can knock off the Colts while their franchise quarterback is healthy, there will be plenty of people who view them as the favorites.