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Colts "sloppy" in return to practice field Tuesday after holiday weekend

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts returned to the practice field on Tuesday to begin their final week of OTAs, but it wasn't a particularly sharp practice following a four-day Memorial Day weekend for the players.

“Four-day weekend. Not real crisp," head coach Chuck Pagano said after Tuesday's practice. "A little bit sloppy to be quite honest with you. I probably could have bet a lot of money on that coming off Memorial Day Weekend. I hope you guys had a good one. But anyways, we got some stuff done. Good situational stuff. Backed up situation. Two-minute drills. Some red area work. Some call it move the ball, game-like stuff. Again, we got to be better and thank God we got tomorrow to come out and do that.”

As Pagano noted, it's expected that a practice following a four-day weekend would be sloppier than normal, so it's no cause for concern. An OTA practice in May isn't ever a reason for panic, particularly when there's some sloppy play. But it's clear that the team still has some work to do, and they're eager to continue improving.

“Just got to come out and get better," defensive lineman Kendall Langford said. "Have a better day tomorrow then we did today of course and just continue to try to stack good days behind each other and put it together.”

Even rookie Ryan Kelly noticed that the practice wasn't as sharp as the Colts have been in the past few weeks.

“It’s just every guy doing their job. Individually and collectively as a unit we have to be better," Kelly said. "We have to start practice off a little bit faster. Obviously we’re not happy with where we were today but that’s the good thing about football is come back tomorrow and get better.”

The Colts may have been sloppy in practice on Tuesday, but the good news is that they have plenty of time to continue improving on things. They still have a few more OTA sessions, a mandatory mini-camp next week, training camp, and five preseason games to work on things, meaning that we still have a long way to go before the games actually matter. And the biggest positive is that the Colts realize they weren't as sharp as they should be on Tuesday and are working to improve on that. That's really all you can ask from them at this point in the year.