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Colts' Ryan Kelly compares favorably to other first round linemen in Madden 16 initial ratings

Madden 16 released initial ratings for the first round draft picks in this year's draft, and Colts center Ryan Kelly compares quite favorably to the others.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Recently, the people at EA Sports released the Madden 16 ratings for the first round draft picks from this year's 2016 NFL Draft, and these players are available in the Ultimate Team mode.

It seems like the overall ratings were simply assigned by draft position, as the first five picks were given 84 overall ratings, the next five were given 83 overall ratings, the next five are 81 overall, the next four are 80 overall, and then the final seven are 79 overall.  There's not a very wide range (from 84-79) and since it's simply being assigned due to draft stock, I'd expect these ratings to change for Madden 17 this fall.  For now, though, you can play as these players in the Ultimate Team mode in this year's game.

Colts center Ryan Kelly was drafted 18th overall, which led to him getting an 81 overall grade - a very solid and respectable grade for a rookie.  While Madden didn't release the complete breakdown of these grades, they did release the speed and agility grades for the first round players.  These two metrics really don't mean much at all when it comes to offensive linemen, but it's still worth noting that Ryan Kelly compared very favorably to his fellow first round linemen.  Below, we've broken up the rankings by speed and agility and then combined score between those two scores for the seven first round linemen.

Speed Agility Combined
1 Ryan Kelly (74) Jack Conklin (83) Jack Conklin (156)
2 Jack Conklin (73) Ryan Kelly (77) Ryan Kelly (151)
3 Laremy Tunsil (71) Ronnie Stanley (75) Ronnie Stanley (145)
4 Ronnie Stanley (70) Laremy Tunsil (72) Laremy Tunsil (143)
5 Taylor Decker (65) Germain Ifedi (71) Germain Ifedi (135)
6 Germain Ifedi (64) Taylor Decker (67) Taylor Decker (132)
7 Joshua Garnett (62) Joshua Garnett (66) Joshua Garnett (128)

Again, these specific ratings really mean much when it comes to offensive linemen, but at the very least it shows us that the people at EA Sports see Ryan Kelly as comparing very favorably to his fellow first round offensive linemen in this year's draft.  And if you want to go ahead and get started playing with him, you can log on to Madden's Ultimate Team mode, which allows you to put together the best possible team.  If you want to play with Kelly, however, you're probably going to have to spend some currency - whether in-game currency or real-world currency.