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Colts welcome in 55 players for rookie mini-camp this weekend

The Indianapolis Colts welcomed in 55 players this weekend for rookie mini-camp, including draft picks, undrafted free agents, tryout players, and a few others. Here's the full list of players.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

On Friday, the Indianapolis Colts began their three-day rookie mini-camp, and they certainly had quite a large group show up.

In total, the Colts have 55 different players in for rookie mini-camp: eight draft picks, 21 signed undrafted free agents, 22 tryouts, and four players already on the Colts roster (non-rookies who don't have an accrued season).  That's a lot of people to have in the building for a rookie camp, but the Colts are excited to get the chance to work with them and see which players might be able to help them.

"From an evaluation standpoint, you're trying to figure out where they're at from a physical standpoint," head coach Chuck Pagano said on Friday when asked what he's looking for at rookie mini-camp.  "See what they've been doing between the draft and now and prior to the draft obviously.  The mental part, we're going to throw a lot at them from a mental standpoint and you're going to try to figure out who can retain, who can hear it then see it on video then go out on the field, walk through it and then practice.  See how well they're able to retain the information that we're throwing at them.

"Obviously, it's orientation and you're trying to indoctrinate them into what it is to be a pro football player," Pagano continued.  "Being a pro, being on time, being prepared, being where your feet are meaning being engaged, being present.  How to conduct themselves in meetings, how to conduct themselves in the locker room, how to conduct themselves in the chow hall if you will.  How to practice, how do you practice in just headgear and jerseys and staying off the ground and how to take care of each other.  There's a bunch of stuff to cover.  Player engagement stuff.  [Director of Player Engagement] David Thornton does a great job with these guys and tries to give them all the tools necessary in a short amount of time to be able to adapt to this new lifestyle that they're living.  They've been football players but it hasn't been pro football and there are a lot of other things that come with this.  A lot of responsibility.  Stuff dealing with social media.  We know how sideways we can get with just the social media stuff so we're going to hit, try to hit everything A-to-Z with these guys and try to get some football in as well."

Below is a list of those 55 guys in rookie camp this weekend for the Colts (broken down into category to make keeping track of them easier).  Some will stick around past this weekend's mini-camp and join the rest of the veterans in the offseason program next week, while others will be looking for an opportunity elsewhere.

Draft picks (8):

Ryan Kelly, center, Alabama

T.J. Green, safety, Clemson

Le'Raven Clark, offensive tackle, Texas Tech

Hassan Ridgeway, defensive lineman, Texas

Antonio Morrison, linebacker, Florida

Joe Haeg, offensive tackle, North Dakota State

Trevor Bates, outside linebacker, Maine

Austin Blythe, center, Iowa

Signed undrafted free agents (21):

Daniel Anthrop, wide receiver, Purdue

Sterling Bailey, defensive end, Georgia

Isiah Cage, guard, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Daniel Davie, cornerback, Nebraska

Josh Ferguson, running back, Illinois

Darion Griswold, tight end, Arkansas State

Davante Harris, offensive tackle, Appalachian State

Marcus Leak, wide receiver, Maryland

Curt Maggitt, linebacker, Tennessee

Stefan McClure, safety, Cal

Mekale McKay, wide receiver, Cincinnati

Mike Miller, tight end, Taylor University

Christopher Milton, cornerback, Georgia Tech

Adam Redmond, guard, Harvard

Chester Rogers, wide receiver, Grambling State

Anthony Sarao, linebacker, USC

Delvon Simmons, defensive lineman, USC

Tevaun Smith, wide receiver, Iowa

Ronald Thompson, linebacker, Syracuse

Darius White, cornerback, Missouri

Andrew Williamson, safety, Vanderbilt

Tryout players (22):

Devon Bell, kicker/punter, Mississippi State

Brock Miller, kicker/punter, Southern Utah

Reece Horn, wide receiver, Indianapolis

Blake Frohnapfel, quarterback, Massachusetts

Ammon Olsen, quarterback, Southern Utah

Frankie Williams, cornerback, Purdue

Everett Golson, quarterback, Florida State

Tigi Hill, safety, Mesa Junior College

Chase Price, running back, San Diego State

Leviticus Payne, cornerback, Cincinnati

Eze Obiora, outside linebacker, Southern Illinois

Storm Woods, running back, Oregon State

Forrest Hill, long snapper, Auburn

Harrison Elliott, long snapper, Air Force

Elhadji Ndiaye, defensive end, Nebraska-Kearney

Henry Coley, linebacker, Virginia

Terrance Plummer, linebacker, Central Florida

Julian Campenni, nose tackle, Connecticut

Jamelle Naff, guard, TCU

Justin Thomason, defensive end, North Carolina

Amadou Konte, tackle, Benedictine

Logan Sweet, wide receiver, UCLA

Others (4):

Josh Stangby, wide receiver

Edwin Jackson, inside linebacker

Kitt O'Brien, guard

Erik Swoope, tight end