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Peyton Manning sports Colts Super Bowl ring as he receives new Broncos ring

NFL: Peyton Manning-Press Conference Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

On Sunday night, the Denver Broncos received their rings to commemorate the Super Bowl 50 victory.

Of course, what that means is that Peyton Manning finally got that second ring, and as he did he was sporting his Colts Super Bowl XLI ring on his left hand.

“Well, you know, it’s fantastic,” Manning told about getting the ring. “Boy, you could just keep looking at it. Obviously [it] represents great history of the Denver Broncos, has the eight AFC Championship rings which I believe is tied for a record or probably breaks the record, of course has the three Lombardi trophies, of course has the message that this one’s for Mr. Bowlen, and obviously it’s very special. You can keep looking at it.

"I pulled out my ring from 2006 Super Bowl season with the Indianapolis Colts, haven’t worn that in about nine years, and it was great memories of that season and that ring party and have those same moments tonight – the pictures with your teammates, pictures with Von Miller, Coach [Gary] Kubiak, John Elway, Demaryius [Thomas] and Emmanuel [Sanders]. Those pictures don’t go away; this ring doesn’t go away. So a very special evening and great to be here with Ashley celebrating.”

Manning also commented on the comparison between his two rings, as the Broncos ring is much larger than his one with the Colts. “This ring is, I swear, almost twice the size of our ring from nine years ago,” he said. "I think in ten years it’s going to blow out your shoulders wearing a Super Bowl ring, but extremely special.”

Though he doesn’t wear his Colts Super Bowl ring much, it's still special to him - but more so due to the memories it represents than the actual ring itself.

“Well, like I said, that [ring] was big back in 2007, our Super Bowl ring there,” he said. "But it’s still the memory, it’s knowing what all you sacrifice to accomplish, to win a Super Bowl. It’s so hard I think to win a game, much less to win enough games to get into the playoffs and now go win three playoff games against the best teams in the NFL. You can’t take it for granted, and a night like tonight gives you a chance to reflect knowing all the hard work that you put in and all of the collective efforts of so many coaches and players makes it extremely special.”

Manning said that he might wear the two rings next to each other for a little while, but he then plans to keep the rings on display. He joked that his kids Marshall and Mosley will probably wind up wearing them more than he does, because he has the memories behind them.

Even though his Broncos ring is twice the size, we like his Colts ring much better. At the same time, however, it’s nice to see the legendary quarterback finally wearing multiple rings.