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Colts Color Rush uniforms for 2016 rumored to be leaked

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

NFL teams will be carrying on the Color Rush uniforms that began last year, as the Thursday night games in 2016 will feature the different uniform designs.

For the Indianapolis Colts, that means they will be wearing their Color Rush uniforms on Thanksgiving night in front of a national television audience against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the first ever Thanksgiving game hosted by Indianapolis. In other words, the uniforms better be pretty cool (though knowing the uniforms from last year, it’s probably not likely).

Earlier this year, the Color Rush uniform colors were alleged to have leaked, but as we pointed out at the time they didn’t match what the Steelers said they were going to wear. Steelers president Art Rooney II talked to the team’s website this spring about the uniforms and said that theirs would be all black. The home team gets to decide first, but if the Colts opted to go with white the Steelers would wear black, according to Rooney.

With that in mind, the most recent rumored leak of the Color Rush uniform colors could be much more accurate - though, keep in mind, it’s still just a rumor.

According to that photo, the Steelers would indeed be wearing all black and the Colts would be wearing all white, as Art Rooney II mentioned might happen.

This might not end up being too different for the Colts, if true. We’ve seen them wear white jerseys with their white pants multiple times, so while there surely would be some tweaks to make these uniforms different and to make them stand out, it likely won’t be anything too terrible. Instead, it likely will stay pretty close to usual for the Colts, though it will be different to see the Steelers wearing all black in a contrast to the Colts’ white.

Maybe it will even be something similar to the April Fool’s uniform joke the Colts pulled a year ago, though it can’t be exactly the same because the NFL uniform policy mandates that the jersey numbers are clearly visible.

Again, these may or may not be the Colts and Steelers Color Rush uniforms for 2016, but unlike with the previous leak earlier this year the latest uniforms match with what Art Rooney II told the Steelers website. It will be interesting to see what the two teams wind up wearing, but as long as it’s not the Steelers’ bumble-bee uniforms it doesn’t sound like it will be too bad.