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Colts’ preseason opener is fifty days away!

Chicago Bears v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

We are in the midst of the one true dead period of the NFL calendar year, and things can get pretty boring during the next month.

The Colts have wrapped up their offseason program and have concluded mandatory mini-camp, meaning the players have gone their separate ways until training camp begins. The Colts likely will report to camp at Anderson University on July 26 (though they haven’t confirmed it yet), at which point the offseason will be over and the news will really pick back up. So honestly, we only have to wait until training camp for things to really get going, but on top of that the Colts’ first preseason game is approaching quicker than you might realize.

As the Hall of Fame pointed out today, the preseason opener between the Colts and the Green Bay Packers in the Hall of Fame game on August 7 is just fifty days away!

What this means is that football is coming. It may not be as fast as you would like, but it’s getting closer and we’re now just fifty days away from the Colts taking the field in Canton, Ohio for their first preseason game.

To fill in the gaps between now and the start of training camp we’ll have plenty of content, including player previews, position previews, looks at training camp battles, and looks at the draft picks. Then in just over a month, the Colts will report to camp, and in just fifty days the Colts will take the field. So while it might seem like a dry stretch now, here’s encouragement that football really is coming soon.