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Early spreads have the Colts favored in nine games in 2016

NFL: Denver Broncos at Indianapolis Colts Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL offseason is all about predictions. It's about predicting how teams and players will do in the upcoming season. One such way to discuss these predictions is to look at what the oddsmakers have to say, and ESPN today released the spreads for each of the first 16 weeks of the season, according to Cantor Technology.

The spreads were only released for the first 16 weeks and not the final one because by week 17 many teams have a playoff spot locked up, meaning that they might rest starters and therefore the spreads might not be as accurate.

Nonetheless, we have the early spreads for each of the Colts' first 15 games, and they are the early favorites in nine of them.

Week 1: vs. Detroit Lions (-4)

Week 2: at Denver Broncos (+5)

Week 3: vs. San Diego Chargers (-5.5)

Week 4: at Jacksonville Jaguars (-3.5)

Week 5: vs. Chicago Bears (-3.5)

Week 6: at Houston Texans (+1.5)

Week 7: at Tennessee Titans (-3.5)

Week 8: vs. Kansas City Chiefs (-1)

Week 9: at Green Bay Packers (+6)

Week 11: vs. Tennessee Titans (-8)

Week 12: vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (-1.5)

Week 13: at New York Jets (+2)

Week 14: vs. Houston Texans (-4)

Week 15: at Minnesota Vikings (+4)

Week 16: at Oakland Raiders (+1)

The Colts would very likely be favored in the season-finale against the Jaguars at home, too, meaning that they could finish the season 10-6 if everything goes according to these spreads. At the very least, it would mean the Colts were 9-6 heading into the final week of the season. The six games the Colts are not favored in are against the Broncos, Texans, Packers, Jets, Vikings, and Raiders - six teams that all could be playoff contenders in 2016.

The Colts are favored by a touchdown or more against just one opponent (the Titans at home) and they aren't underdogs by a touchdown or more in any game (their largest spread as an underdog is by six points to the Packers).

Of course, this doesn't mean much at all, but it's another piece of information to gather from as we look forward to the Colts' 2016 season. These early spreads once again fall in line with what we've seen most people predicting for the Colts, as it seems like most expect them to win nine or ten games next year. If they do that, they should be right in the mix for a return to the playoffs.