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You can now vote on which classic Colts games should be put online

Wild Card Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Last month, we mentioned the NFL’s expanded deal that will bring even more content to their Youtube page, and the most notable aspect of the announcement was that three classic games for each franchise would be uploaded in their entirety.

For the Indianapolis Colts, there are obviously a number of options to choose from. And it turns out that fans will be able to vote for which three games are made available. On the Colts’ Facebook page they have put up a poll with five options to choose from that will determine which games are put on Youtube.

At the time this article was published, here are the rankings in terms of percentage of votes received:

2006 AFC Championship game (Colts vs. Patriots) - 46%

Super Bowl XLI (Colts vs. Bears) - 18%

2013 AFC Wild Card game (Colts vs. Chiefs) - 14%

Colts vs. Patriots 2009 - 12%

Colts vs. Buccaneers 2003 - 11%

The leading two vote-getters are just as expected. The greatest game in Indianapolis Colts history is so far the runaway leader and is blowing away all competition, while the Super Bowl victory is second. Those both make sense, and the discussion was likely going to come down to that third game all along. As far as that third game goes, I think the three choices given are probably the best three. You could argue that Peyton Manning’s record-breaking game in 2004 should be included and there are certainly plenty of others that warrant consideration too, but the three listed here are good enough.

From there, it’s a pretty tight race. I’d love to see all three games made available, but we’d have to wait for the NFL to expand their Youtube content once again for that to happen. The 2013 wild card game that is the third-leading vote-getter is a very good choice, as it was the insane comeback by Andrew Luck and company against the Chiefs that featured Luck’s now famous Superman play. So I have no issues with that game being the one chosen, but at the same time I can’t help but feel that there is a good bit of recency bias going on when the 2003 Monday Night Miracle against the Buccaneers is only getting 11% of the votes. While it would be fun for everyone to re-watch the game from a few years ago against the Chiefs, one thing I’d like to see this Youtube content do is help fans learn some more of the team’s history. One of the most remarkable regular season games the Colts have played was that comeback against the Buccaneers, and I think that would be a great selection as well.

Let’s just assume that the 2006 AFC title game and Super Bowl will be included, as they should be. Which of these three games would you most like to see added to the NFL Youtube channel?