Favorite Current Colt

It's that time in the NFL when really nothing of significance occurs until camp (and/or Luck's mega deal). Right now, the NFL is equivalent in amusement to watching paint dry.

But anyways, I just thought I would try and pass time by asking you all who is your favorite Colt currently on the roster, and why? I know Andrew Luck will be a popular answer, but maybe there will be other selections, and it'll be interesting to see why people really like their favorite current player.

My favorite current Colt is Vontae Davis (Luck and Moncrief are the runners-up). I like VD because, plain and simple, he's the f****** man. His lockdown coverage has been the most constant spark of the entire defense these past years (I still think a couple of the 7 TD's scored on him last season were penalties not called). Also, his ability to always make the tackle is clutch, and if I knew how to post GIFs, I'd immediately use the Destruction of Gio Bernard one to support my claim. He also enjoys giving back to the community (like during Christmas time when he bought many gifts for foster children).

All in all, those are a few reasons why VD is my favorite player. Feel free to comment yours as well, if you're as bored as I am.

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