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Colts 2016 player preview: Wide receiver Marcus Leak

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts will report to training camp on July 26 with their 90-man roster, which will be cut down to 53 players by the end of the preseason.  To pass the time until camp, we're taking a look at every player on the Colts' 90-man roster.  Today, we're looking at wide receiver Marcus Leak.

Who is he?

Marcus Leak (6-0, 210 pounds) is one of several undrafted wide receivers on the Colts 90-man roster, though his journey there is certainly different than the average player.  Leak played three seasons at Maryland (2011-12 and 2014), playing in 27 games (starting 16) and catching 55 passes for 775 yards and six scores (averaging 14.1 yards per catch).  He took a leave of absence in 2013 and then, after returning in 2014, again left the school in 2015 -€” this time for academic ineligibility, which he was honest about with the Charlotte Observer in saying that he cared much more about football and not about schoolwork during his time there.  Because of that, however, he's been out of football for a year.

What is his role?

As we've looked at with a number of undrafted wide receivers already, they have a legitimate shot at competing for a roster spot since the number four and five spots on the depth chart are there for the taking.  With that said, Leak would seem to have even slimmer odds than normal undrafted players because of the fact that he hasn't played football for a year.  He's going to need to prove that he's in legitimate football shape and that, more importantly, he's capable of making plays at the NFL level.  His collegiate production wasn't eye-popping in the first place, so his missed time could be a big deal in impacting his chances.  The fact that he's still with the team at this point after participating in the offseason program would seem to indicate that he's in good enough shape and a guy the team still considers worth having around to compete (which is a good sign for Leak), though he'll need to really produce more than anyone could reasonably expect in training camp and preseason for him to actually earn a roster spot.

What are his chances?

Though there are a couple of roster spots available at wide receiver, Leak seems like a long shot to win one of them.