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What's the worst loss in Colts history?

Super Bowl XLIV Photo by Larry French/Getty Images

It's a Friday afternoon, and I know that what everyone wanted to discuss was the Colts' worst loss of all-time, right?

That's the discussion started by USA Today's For the Win, which highlighted the most devastating loss for each of the NFL's 32 teams. For the Colts, the Super Bowl XLIV loss to the New Orleans Saints in the 2009 season was the selection.

It's a great choice filled with plenty of painful moments for Colts fans. Pierre Garcon's dropped pass, Hank Baskett's muffed onside kick, and Peyton Manning's interception all still bring back bad memories for fans, and the loss overall was painful because the Colts were in control of that game until the onside kick changed things to begin the second half. It was a very winnable game for the Colts, which makes the loss especially painful. I don't think anyone would argue too much with the game's inclusion on this list.

At the same time, however, I think the team's 2005 divisional round loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers could just as easily be the selection for the list. Many people still consider that the best team the Colts have had, but instead of winning the Super Bowl like everyone expected them too they fell flat in their first playoff game. They started awfully but mounted a fourth quarter comeback, only to see that fall short on Mike Vanderjagt's missed field goal (which would have tied the game). The Colts were the best team in the NFL that year, but it didn't result in a Super Bowl victory.

I think either the loss to the Steelers or the loss to the Saints could be included here, and it doesn't really matter which one. The Colts have had some painful playoff losses, but that's what happens when you root for a team that makes the playoffs every year. What do you consider the worst Colts loss, however?