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Peyton Manning plans to attend Colts vs. Broncos game in 2016

NFL: Peyton Manning-Press Conference Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Peyton Manning has been enjoying retired life this offseason, as he has free time on his hands rather than spending time at OTAs like active players. On Monday, Manning visited the White House and President Barack Obama with members of the Denver Broncos' Super Bowl 50 championship team.

The focus of the day was on the Broncos' title and not on Manning himself, but the USA Today's Lindsay Jones still dropped a note that the future Hall of Famer plans to attend the Broncos' first two games of the season.

This really isn't any surprise whatsoever, but it's the first time I can remember seeing it actually reported. In week one, the Broncos will host the Carolina Panthers in a Super Bowl rematch on national TV to begin the 2016 NFL season. Then ten days later, the Broncos welcome in the Indianapolis Colts for a 4:25 game that could wind up having AFC playoff implications. In the week one game, the Broncos will be honored for their Super Bowl, so it was a no-brainer that Manning would be there. In week two, the Broncos host Manning's former team, so it also makes perfect sense that he'd be on hand.

It will mark the first time that Manning attends a Colts game in which he's not actually playing, though it certainly won't be the last time. The Colts will absolutely induct him into their Ring of Honor, which is customarily accompanied by a halftime ceremony at a game. That could come as early as this season, but regardless it means that Manning will be making it back to Lucas Oil Stadium sometime in the near future. It's quite possible he could opt to attend another game or two, though that could depend on his brother Eli's schedule as well. For the time being, he plans on attending the week two matchup - and he'll probably stay neutral in his rooting interest for that one.

It's new territory for Manning to actually be watching games rather than playing in them, and it will undoubtedly take some getting used to. But we've heard him mention how he plans to take this year off (and not work in TV or in a front office, etc.) so that he can attend some Tennessee games and Eli's games, and that also gives him the chance to watch his former teams play as well. He'll do just that in week two, as the Broncos host the Colts in a game that Manning plans to be in attendance for.