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Colts likely to report to training camp July 26

NFL: Indianapolis Colts-Minicamp Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Today, the Indianapolis Colts wrapped up their final team workout until training camp. The players and coaches will now go their separate ways until later this summer when they arrive at Anderson University, and although the Colts haven't yet released the official camp schedule, we seem to now know the start date.

Head coach Chuck Pagano said today that the players will be on their own until July 26, which is the same date that punter Pat McAfee mentioned on the radio earlier this week, while other players said the same today and's Kevin Bowen mentioned that there are 47 days between now and the start of camp - which would lead right up to July 26. In other words, while it's not official, it seems like the Colts will be reporting to Anderson on that date.

The team is permitted to start camp early this year due to the fact that they are playing in the Hall of Fame game on August 7. The NFL CBA allows teams to begin training camp 15 days before their first preseason game, which would be right around July 23 for the Colts. They'll be reporting soon after that, on Tuesday, July 26.

It'll be an earlier and longer training camp for the Colts this year, but there are plenty of questions that we could get answered better during that period. For the next few weeks there won't be anything going on with the Colts, but before long they'll be reporting to Anderson University and the 2016 season will really begin getting underway.