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Colts 2016 player preview: Long snapper Matt Overton

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts will report to training camp on July 26 with their 90-man roster, which will be cut down to 53 players by the end of the preseason.  To pass the time until camp, we're taking a look at every player on the Colts' 90-man roster.  Today, we're looking at long snapper Matt Overton.

Who is he?

Matt Overton has been the long snapper for the Colts since 2012, and it doesn't appear as if that will change in 2016.  He has played in all 64 games over the past four seasons and has done a good job, proving to be very reliable.  The best thing a long snapper could do is to not be noticed on the field, and that's Overton.  Any time he is noticed, it's either for his off-the-field work or for his special teams coverage, not for his long snapping.  In 2014, he was good enough to make the Pro Bowl as one of the long snappers.  Before his time with the Colts, he spent time playing in the United Football League.

What is his role?

There's currently only one long snapper on the roster for the Colts, and that's Matt Overton.  In other words: there's no competition right now.  It's worth noting, however, that the Colts did have another long snapper on the roster earlier this offseason and that they had one in for a tryout basis in mini-camp, but at this point Overton is the clear (and only) choice at long snapper for Indy.

What are his chances?

The Colts will bring the fourth down army back for a fifth year by keeping Matt Overton at long snapper.