2016 Predictions

Training camps start opening in the next 7-10 days. Fans addictions will start to get their fix of football. So I thought it's time to start some predictions.

Here are some of mine:

Jim Caldwell is fired by week 12

Lions get 1st pick in 2017 draft

Colts O-line goes from worst to first under the tutelage of Joe Philbin.

RG3 revives his career in Cleveland but the Browns still don't see the post season.

Tony Romo goes on IR by week 5

4 games separate top to bottom of AFCS

Division winners and wild cards by seed


1. Cardinals

2. Packers

3. Panthers

4. Redskins

5. Seahags

6. Vikings

Just miss the post season Giants, Bears, Saints,


1. Ravens

2. Chiefs

3. Colts

4. Patriots

5. Steelers

6. Raiders

Just miss Broncos, Jets, Bills, Jags, Bungles

SB51 Cards over Chiefs

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