With the dead time, comes off the wall topics

I saw a post that asked who might be Luck's rival over the next few years? I started thinking about how Manning got paired with Brady, even though they were not in the same division. They were not in the same division, because there was a realignment that took us out of the east. I think the league would benefit from another realignment, or the one they should have put in place when they did the last one.

Indianapolis is as mid-west as it gets and they should be playing in a division that represents that geographic. I don't know if it is a Competition Committee matter, or something to talk about at owner's meetings, but a change should be made. So, as they should have done many years ago, the divisions should be:

EAST New England, New York, Buffalo, Baltimore

SOUTH Tennessee, Kansas City, Jacksonville, Miami

NORTH Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Indianapolis

WEST Oakland, San Diego, Denver, Houston

Every division changes by one member. Baltimore goes where they should have went, back to the East. Miami leaves behind the East. They really don't have a rivalry with those teams anymore and are only there so that a rich fan base gets one trip to South Beach each year. Houston replaces KC in the West by sheer geography (although I know KC would miss the Oakland rivalry and I could live without this move).

We belong in the division with Cincy, Pitt, and Cleve. How about that for giving Luck some rivals? Big Ben is who he most often gets compared to. Dalton is close in age and could have been a Colt. Then, you have best rivalry, should RG III become the starter in Cleveland. It would be worth it to beat up on Cleveland a couple of times for duping us into Richardson.

Anyway, just killing time. Tick Tock til go time.

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