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What motivates Frank Gore? “Love of the game and I want a Super Bowl”

NFL: Indianapolis Colts-Training Camp USA TODAY Sports

Colts running back Frank Gore is entering his twelfth season in the NFL, and at 33 years old time is running out.

Gore no longer has to prove himself in the NFL, however. He’s put together a resume that will already warrant consideration for the Hall of Fame one day. He’s rushed for 12,040 yards and 70 touchdowns, and he’s made five Pro Bowls. Gore is poised to climb much higher on the all-time rushing list this year, as though he’s currently 15th all-time, with 700 yards rushing in 2016 he would move into eighth-place.

So what still motivates Gore?

“Love of the game,” he said today. “Love of the game and I want a Super Bowl.”

It’s that Super Bowl that has eluded Gore. For all of his success, Gore has only played in eight playoff games, making the postseason in only three of his eleven seasons. Only once has Gore played in a Super Bowl, which he lost while with the San Francisco 49ers.

That was the motivation behind him signing with Indianapolis last offseason, though the Colts wound up going 8-8. So at this point in his career, the individual accolades are nice but the ring is the top priority.

“Right now, I just want to win,” Gore said when asked if he wants 1,000 yards. “If it comes, it comes. I’m just here do to whatever it takes to get to the playoffs and try to fight to get that trophy.”

Though Gore is a veteran, he’s been out there practicing at training camp as a full go just like everyone else. When asked about that today and why he doesn’t take as many veteran rest days or limit his workload, he had a simple answer.

“Football. Love the game of football,” he said. “I feel like when the younger guys come in and they see a guy like me has been successful in this league, that I’m working every day, that should push them to try to get better also.”

That’s a good mindset to have, as Gore is trying to set the example for the younger guys - such as Robert Turbin, Jordan Todman, and Josh Ferguson. But make no mistake: Gore is the team’s starter, and he’s all-in wanting a Super Bowl. That’s his goal, and he’s going to do whatever he can to help make it happen.