Slightly Interesting Bruce Arians comment about Chuck Pagano (I think)

So I was just watching some of the video snippets that have of the Arizona Cardinals documentary when I came across this one:

Arians is discussing Black Monday - the Monday after the season when coaches get fired. (This part begins about 19 seconds from start)

His wife says: "Which friends lost jobs?"

Arians says (I think): "Well Chuckie had to do a big turnover. They got to stay but it was really hard ..."

Which is a bit strange. You would think he would be happy that his friend Chuck Pagano stayed and got a new contract. The turnover is presumably all the position coaches and other personnel that were replaced. It is hard to interpret with so few words, so it could be:-

1) The coaches fired were all appointed on recommendation of Pagano, and in the bargaining he had to allow coaches appointed by others (Grigson?)

or 2) Pagano was loyal to all those under him, but Grigson or Irsay thought they were sub-par and wanted them replaced, so Pagano had to agree.

or 3) Arians is sad because these coaches that are about to get fired were with him in 2012.

Anyway, I thought I would mention it, because there's nothing else to talk about.

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