13 million in cap space

Josh addressed Luck's new contract on a post a couple of days ago, but the thread got shuffled to the back as the player profiles continue. Also, another post about Luck expectations is still current, because of an argument about Cam vs. Luck, and the always enjoyable Patriot troll. So, I thought the cap news was a worthy topic and I wanted to see what everyone thinks should be done with the surplus. I don't want to put words in Josh's mouth, so the post he put up on July 6 is titled "Some thoughts on Andrew Luck's contract extension with the Colts".

What I took away from the article was that there was 13 million in cap room for the Colts, for the CURRENT season. Josh points this out, but suggests that the money might be saved, then rolled over for future use. Maybe I am unclear how the rollover works. Does it mean that if you don't spend your entire cap, you can use that money the following year? Example: Team spends 10 mil less than a 100 mil salary cap for 1916. Does that mean that their cap room is 110 mil for the next year? I ask because I really do not know?

If the above scenario is how it works, I find it strange that struggling teams would not cut salary to bare minimum for a year or two, then have 200 mil in cap room?

If you don't actually roll over cap, wouldn't you be almost obligated to spend your entire cap, if you had any championship aspirations at all? I guess that is the situation I believe the Colts to be in, and I think the cap money should be spent prior to game one this year.

So, this is what I am looking for from replies.

1) Help on how the cap actually works?

2) What do think should be done with the cap excess?

3) Who, or what position would you target with the money?

My thoughts would be to use the money, if help is available. I would not look for a multiyear contract, but hope to capitalize on someone looking to get a "Show Me" contract. Or, possibly trading for a player on the last year or two of a contract. My targets would be CB and RB depth or a playmaker on the front 7, no matter the position.

I'm not attaching a poll, just pick a topic, or respond to all 3 if you wish.

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