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Colts to play starters in Hall of Fame game vs. Packers, including Andrew Luck

NFL: Indianapolis Colts-Training Camp

This Sunday the Indianapolis Colts will make their 2016 preseason debut by playing against the Green Bay Packers in the Hall of Fame game in Canton, Ohio. The game is an extra preseason game and is therefore one that starters typically don’t play in, but the Colts aren’t going that route.

When asked this morning about it, head coach Chuck Pagano was clear: “Everybody’s going to play.” Yes, that includes Andrew Luck.

It’s certainly a bit of a surprise, but the Colts have an urgency to them this year and they obviously want to take advantage of another preseason game. Of course, the starters won’t play much at all - think around a drive or so. But still, it will be the first chance Colts fans have to see Andrew Luck in an actual game setting since November of last year when he played against the Denver Broncos, lacerating his kidney and ending his season in the process.

The game won’t be the most exciting contest and will probably be very vanilla as the teams don’t want to fully game plan for it and don’t want to reveal much due to their regular season meeting, but the fact that the starters will play at least a few snaps should make the beginning of it a bit more bearable. But be sure to tune in early or else you’ll miss it.