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Denzelle Good’s knee injury not considered serious

NFL: Indianapolis Colts-Training Camp Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

During the Colts’ 19-18 victory over the Buffalo Bills in the preseason opener, there were a few injury concerns for the team. Starting right guard Denzelle Good left with a knee injury, starting inside linebacker Sio Moore left with a hamstring injury, starting wide receiver T.Y. Hilton appeared to leave with an injury, tackle Kevin Graf left with an ankle injury, and defensive lineman Ricky Lumpkin left with a hand injury.

The good news, however, is that many of the injuries don’t seem to be serious. That’s the word on Denzelle Good, at least, as head coach Chuck Pagano said after the game that Good’s knee injury isn’t serious. It’s unclear whether that means he’ll be back right away or whether he’ll miss some time, but it’s not bad. That’s especially good for Good, as he could use as many reps as the Colts can give him as he makes the switch from tackle to guard. He played longer than most of the team’s starters on Saturday night, and that shouldn’t be a surprise either.

As for T.Y. Hilton, Pagano said “he’s fine.” We assumed as much based on the lack of an in-game injury update on him, as he very likely was going to come out of the game after the first series anyway. He appeared to come up slowly after trying to make a grab along the sidelines on the team’s first drive, though the TV cameras cut away before we could really see anything else. Hilton, however, is ok - meaning Colts fans can breathe a sigh of relief.

Ricky Lumpkin tweeted about his injury, saying that he dislocated the same finger three different times during the game. It’s assumed that was the injury trainers were looking at with his hand during the second half, and while that’s certainly not fun for him to have his finger dislocated three times, it’s not a serious injury either.

There wasn’t an update immediately available from Pagano on the status of Sio Moore and/or Kevin Graf, so it’s assumed that both will be evaluated further tomorrow and that more information should be available then.