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Colts running back Frank Gore plans to play Saturday vs. Ravens

NFL: Indianapolis Colts-Training Camp Indy Star-USA TODAY Sports

Frank Gore was among the 13 Indianapolis Colts players to sit out Saturday’s preseason opener, as he got a veteran’s rest day along with Andrew Luck and Robert Mathis. Gore doesn’t need to play much in the preseason, and Gore likely won’t play much in the preseason either. But he still plans to play on Saturday night when the Colts host the Baltimore Ravens.

"I think I’m going to play this week,’’ Gore said today, according to FOX59’s Mike Chappell.

"Once you get up in age, I feel like all my stuff [needs] to count now," Gore said. "I want it to count. "But you also want to go out there and get a couple of plays with the O-line, with guys like T.Y. [Hilton], 12 [Andrew Luck]. You know, get that feeling. I want to get hit, go to the ground once or twice. Then, just build from there. We’re going to be fine.’’

Gore plans to play, but if you hope to see him during the game you’d better tune in very early, as Gore will likely get even less reps than starters normally do. Last year, the Colts played him in just one game (the second preseason game) and Gore carried the ball just two times for ten yards. That was it. But that also was keeping with the precedent set for Gore over the past few years. He hasn’t received more than eight carries in a single preseason since 2008. In fact, here’s his career production in the preseason, and you can see that it has been very limited in recent years:

Frank Gore in the preseason
Games Carries Yards TD
2005 3 16 47 1
2006 3 26 140 1
2007 0 0 0 0
2008 3 16 86 0
2009 2 7 26 0
2010 1 2 58 0
2011 3 8 14 0
2012 2 4 8 0
2013 2 4 56 0
2014 2 3 10 0
2015 1 2 10 0

So we can expect to see Frank Gore play on Saturday, but don’t expect it to last very long.