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Andrew Luck likely to play at least a quarter on Saturday

NFL: Preseason-Indianapolis Colts at Buffalo Bills Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck will make his 2016 debut this Saturday when he starts for Indianapolis at home against the Baltimore Ravens in the second preseason game. But how much will he play?

Head coach Chuck Pagano said earlier this week that the team has a set number of snaps they want Luck to get in this preseason, though he wouldn’t disclose what that number was. On Thursday, Pagano was willing to disclose a little more, saying that Luck will likely play at least a quarter on Saturday.

“I’d like to get at least a quarter, maybe a quarter and a half with those guys,” Pagano said of how long the starters will play. “Then you always play it by ear [and] see how things are going.”

Pagano said that 90-95% of that time, it will be Andrew Luck and the rest of the starters playing together. Some starters, however, will play a bit more than the quarterback.

“There’s a good possibility,” Pagano agreed. “You’d like to keep the unit together as much as possible, but there are some guys that need to play more. The center needs to play more.”

We can expect to see Ryan Kelly play more than Andrew Luck, then, and probably some other guys like Denzelle Good too. But the Colts also want to see Andrew Luck get enough work with the first team, so it’s probably fair to think that Luck could see at least the entire first quarter on Saturday, and perhaps more.

Regardless, you should probably tune in pretty early in order to ensure that you get to see Luck and the rest of the first team guys.