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Hall of Fame announces refund policy for Hall of Fame game ticketholders

NFL: Pro Football Hall of Fame Game-Green Bay Packers vs Indianapolis Colts Rick Wood-USA TODAY Sports

The Hall of Fame game between the Indianapolis Colts and the Green Bay Packers that was supposed to take place on August 7 didn’t actually happen, which led to plenty of upset fans.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame today announced a plan to make it right with those fans, as the HOF will refund fans who had a ticket the face value of that ticket, will refund all shipping and processing fees of that ticket, will refund paid parking through the HOF, will refund pre-sale reservation fees, and will refund one night of hotel accommodations to fans (only to eligible fans and subject to review by the HOF).

In addition, the Hall of Fame announced that fans who had a ticket will be given four tickets of admission to the HOF to be used once during the next five years, will be given a commemorative photo of the Hall of Fame Class of 2016 and other Hall of Famers, will be given a copy of the 2016-17 Pro Football Hall of Fame Yearbook, will be given a 30-percent discount from the HOF’s online store, and will be given the right to purchase a ticket before the general public for a Hall of Fame induction ceremony or Hall of Fame game for one of the next five years.

You can head to the Hall of Fame website for details on how to take advantage of this program if you had a ticket to the game, and it’s nice to see the Hall of Fame try to make things right. It wasn’t handled the best way that night as fans were kept waiting, but the refund policy seems very generous and should make plenty of fans happy.

One part in particular could be especially valuable to Colts fans: notice that fans who had a ticket will be able to purchase tickets to an enshrinement ceremony before the general public once during the next five years. Assuming that means for the next five years of enshrinement ceremonies, guess what that fifth year will be? The year Colts legend Peyton Manning is inducted into the Hall of Fame. If I were a Colts fan who had a ticket to this year’s Hall of Fame game, I’d double-check to ensure that it covers the next five enshrinement ceremonies and then wait to get a ticket to that year’s ceremony. Because while this year was nice and while it was special to see Marvin Harrison and Tony Dungy inducted, five years from now will be even crazier. The reception that Brett Favre received from Packers fans this year will be what Peyton Manning receives from Colts fans, so that will be even cooler and more special.