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Peyton Manning made a joke about Tom Brady and Deflategate during Rob Lowe roast

The Comedy Central Roast Of Rob Lowe - Show Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

If you remember back in 2012 when Peyton Manning was dealing with a serious neck injury and trying to come back from it, actor Rob Lowe - supposedly a friend of Jim Irsay’s - tweeted that Manning would retire. Because of Lowe’s connections the tweet received quite a bit of attention, but obviously it wasn’t true. Manning went on to play four more seasons, though with the Denver Broncos, and set a number of records and won a second Super Bowl ring.

It’s pretty safe to say that Rob Lowe was wrong about his tweet, then, and now that Manning actually is retired he took the chance to poke some fun at Lowe. He took part in a Comedy Central roast of Rob Lowe recently, and he even took a good-natured shot at Tom Brady for Deflategate. See for yourself:

“But hey, I don’t worry about Rob Lowe,” Manning said. “He is a workhorse. And heck man, if they ever stop casting you in sitcoms, just look on the bright side: you tried to take the air out of my retirement announcement so fast, you can probably get a job as Tom Brady’s ball boy.”

Colts fans will surely love seeing Manning poke fun at Brady over Deflategate (which happened against the Colts), but before Patriots fans freak out about it (because they always do), understand that Manning and Brady are friends. They have respect for each other, and Manning’s comments were entirely within a comedic setting. So don’t make too much of it, just laugh - because Peyton’s got some jokes, and some jokes Colts fans will probably like. Hey, maybe he could open for one of Pat McAfee’s comedy shows down the road?